Where to start?

You probably already set up a team when you signed up for Deel.

You can see all the teams on the top left - this is also where you shuffle between the different teams your Deel account is linked to.

Each team can be associated with a different subsidiary and EIN number - in this case, when the invoice is generated the corresponding data will be shown.

Here is what you need to do

We start by creating the team:

  • Click on Team and choose to add a new team

  • Fill in the name and information details


Once the team is created, you start adding team members to it and defining the role they will have within the team:

  • Controller: make payments

  • Support specialist: manage contracts and invoices

  • Admin: full access

  • Approver: approve the submitted work

Admin permissions

As a Deel team admin, you can manage the team's level of access:

  • You can edit that by clicking on the arrow on the right of their name

  • You can change team information and company details from 'Team Settings'

  • You can edit Payment methods: these can be individual or shared across teams

How to remove a person from a Deel team?

It's easy - all you need to do is click on the bin icon and remove them.

They will receive an email notification informing they have been removed from the team.

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