This is a big feature! From now on, add sections, move them around, and edit text. With smart fields, automatically populate the sections with the contract elements such as names, dates, payment amounts, etc.

When you're creating a contract, fill in the information per the usual flow.
Click on Review and Sign and then Edit template on the top right to access the editing screen.

edit contract template

Changing the text in sections

You can add or remove text from each section to customize the contract. Simply use it as any text editor. You can use different formatting such as bold, underline, add bullet points, etc.

edit text of the contract tempalte

Add new sections

You can add new sections and insert your own text. You can also use smart contract elements that will automatically pull in information from the contract such as Contractor name, Client name, dates, etc.

  • Click on the + icon of a section to add a new section.

  • Name the section and add the text as desired.

  • Choose a smart field from the right to insert to the text

add new sections to contract template

Reorder the sections

You can change the order of the sections by clicking on the arrows on the top right of the section.

change section order

Remove a section

To remove a section, click on the bin icon on the top right of the section.

That's it. After you've customized the contract, click on save template and finish the signing flow.

If you have any questions, reach out to us on the website chat- we would love to help you out.

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