Before you file the 1099-NEC, make sure you have all the W-9 Forms of your contractors. W-9 Forms are not to be sent to the IRS, but you need them stored.

Here's how to file 1099-NEC via Deel via the taxes tab:

‍Are you a non-US client and don't see the ability to file?

That's ok. We may not have been able to generate 1099s for your contractors due to missing information (such as no TIN/EIN number). Your contractors can still report their self-employment income on their Schedule C, without a 1099.

Didn't submit 1099-NEC by the deadline (January 31st)?

That's ok! You can still do it but you will most likely have to pay a penalty. You can check IRS' website for the latest information.

Note: Payments to independent contractors were reported with Form 1099-MISC until the IRS introduced 1099-NEC for tax reporting in 2020.

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