Getting started

‍‍Log in to your Deel account and click the integrations tab on the left hand side.

Locate and click the QuickBooks option under "Accounting" and click connect on the next page.

You may be prompted to log in to your QuickBooks account if not already.

There will be 4 steps in order to complete your integration with Xero and Deel.

Step 1

Select the entity you desire and click next.

Step 2

Here you can decide the specific QuickBooks account to use for each bill.

Step 3

This step will ask if you will want to automatically sync all new contracts with the integration. Click on the toggle to enable the feature if desired.

Step 4

Finally, you have two last options to customize.

First, you can decide if you want us to synchronize each invoice along with an invoice payment so the invoices get marked as paid.

Second, choosing the default payment account.‍

Congratulations, you just integrated your QuickBooks account to Deel!

Additional steps

You can now begin syncing invoices, invoice payments and related PDFs you need to link your contractors and Deel billing entities to vendors in QuickBooks.

Select the "Not linked" tab on the top of the QuickBooks integration page and choose the contractors you would like to be linked.

You will receive a pop up message. Please read through and click "Yes, Link" if ready. A confirmation message should show soon after.

Congratulations, you just integrated your QuickBooks account to Deel!

Walk through video with step by step instruction


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