With Deel's adjust amount feature, both clients and contractors can add a bonus, an expense, a commission, or a deduction to the original amount in a few simple steps.

This feature is available for all three types of contracts (fixed, pay as you go, and milestone).

Here's how to adjust the payment amount:

  • From your dashboard, select the contract where you want to adjust the amount.

  • Click on the "Adjust" button (above the payment amount) and select Bonus/Expense/Deduction from the dropdown

  • Add the amount and a description. You can enclose a file as well if needed.

  • When you submit it, the total payment due will change based on your input

Here's how it looks:

  • You can remove the adjustment by clicking on the bin icon.

  • The adjustment will be automatically synchronized with the Mass pay feature.

  • You can enable a recurring adjustment to add it to all the following cycles until you remove it.

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