We partner with best-in-class payment providers - our global payments network allows you to access your money from all over the world.

Have in mind that to withdraw your money, your contractor account needs to be verified - without a verified account you won't be able to withdraw your money.

If you haven't verified your account yet, you can do so by following this process.

Adding a withdrawal method?

  • Select User Settings from the main panel

  • On the General tab Select "Add Withdrawal Method"

  • Choose the withdrawal method you want to use

  • Now enter your details as prompted

If you wish to use this method often, you can turn on auto-withdrawal and have it done automatically once your client has paid you.

Here is a video providing some more detail on how to add withdrawal methods and a segway into the next topic on how to withdraw your Deel balance.

Withdrawing funds from your Deel balance

When your client pays for your work, your Deel balance will reflect that payment - you can see the balance on the Home page

To withdraw your money, if you haven't turned on auto-withdrawal, you will have to do it manually:

  • On the Home page where your balance is displayed, click on 'Withdraw'

  • It will prompt you to the withdrawal tab where you can choose the amount you wish to withdraw

  • By default it assumes your entire balance - you can split your balance and withdraw it through different methods

  • Choose the withdrawal method you wish and confirm the request

Keep in mind: your billing address needs to match the information connected to your withdrawal method. Any differences may cause a payment rejection.

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