Eligibility to Deel Advance varies from person to person based on some criteria factors.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You have an active fixed or pay as you go contract

  • You have been on the contract with your client for at least 2 months

  • You and your client have completed verification on your Deel accounts

  • In some instances, Deel may also consider other factors on a case-by-case basis when reviewing requests.

If you're on a new contract, not to worry - Deel will send you an email when you are eligible!

Special note for users on Pay-as-you-go Contracts:

  • Please note that only regular billed work will be considered for Deel Advance eligibility

  • If your hours have been reported as "Other", "Bonus", "Commission" or other such types on your invoices, or as off-cycles invoices, then these will not count towards Deel Advance eligibility

  • You can check how your hours are categorized on any of your invoices

How to check if you're eligible

If you are not eligible, you will only see the primary eligibility criteria on your Deel Advance tab.

If you are eligible, you will see an option to request a Deel Advance in your account, under the Deel Advance tab.

The request screen looks like this:

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