This tutorial will guide you through the process of terminating a contract as a client. The steps to follow are simple:

  1. Log in to your Client Dashboard, you will be able to locate on the left of the page several options from which you can find "Contracts". Click on "Contracts", you will then be able to see the different contracts you hold as a client.

  2. In order to start the termination process, you will have to identify the contract you wish to terminate. Once Identified, click on the little "X" button located on the right side.

  3. End Contract window will pop up presenting two options for you to choose from. You can either decide to terminate the contract effective immediately or on a specific date of your choice.

  4. The "End on a date" option allows you to choose your preferred termination date, based on your choice we will calculate the days left before your contract gets canceled taking into account the 10 days notice period.

  5. The "End now" option allows you to terminate your contract right away but will first show you a warning message regarding the notice period included in your contract.

  6. Click "Next", a "Final payments due" will pop up in order for you to complete any due payments to the contractor before ending his contract if needed.

  7. The final step is for you to review your choices. Click "Next", a review summary will pop up. We also allow you to write a message to your contractor if needed. Finally, click "Submit" to terminate the contract.

Note: For contracts that are still "Waiting For Contractor Sign", you can simply click on the trashcan icon to delete unwanted contract.

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