Which financial partner supports the Deel Card

NIUM PTE. LTD. (formerly known as INSTAREM PTE. LIMITED.) a company incorporated in Singapore, is a major payment institution regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and operates a VISA program under which NIUM is approved. The Deel Card falls under this program.

The Singapore Payment Services Act requires Major Payment Institution licensees to safeguard customer monies from its insolvency. NIUM PTE. LTD. safeguards client funds with The Development Bank of Singapore Limited (DBS)—Singapore branch.

This means that in the unlikely event that Deel or NIUM was to become insolvent, you will be able to claim your funds from this segregated account.

How to fund money wallets with my Deel Card

Below are some popular wallets which can be used to withdraw your balance - there are many more!


  • Simply enter your card details when sending funds in your WorldRemit app

  • See more helpful resources here from the WorldRemit team


  • Simply enter your card details when signing up, or sending funds in your Barter app

  • See more helpful resources here from the Barter team


  • Simply enter your card details in your settings or when making a purchase in your Rappi app

  • Reach out to Rappi support in the app if you have further questions

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