If you are a US based contractor who submitted a W-9

In January of each year, you will receive an auto-generated 1099-NEC provided by Deel, on behalf of the client, which you will need to report to the IRS.

This only applies if your total earnings for the tax year were greater than $600.

Once you confirm the 1099 forms are properly represented on your yearly tax return submission to the IRS, you're all set.

You can find this information on the Taxes tab:

Are you working for a non-US client and don't see your 1099?

That's ok. You can still report your self-employment income on your Schedule C, without a 1099.

Please see the full details here.

Did you submit a W-8 BEN and don't see your 1099?

That's expected! You're all set and don't need to do anything further.

Note: Payments to independent contractors were reported with Form 1099-MISC until the IRS introduced 1099-NEC for tax reporting in 2020.

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