Deel Card tab

This is where the magic happens - all information lives here 😃

Below you can find some of the most used features:

  • View card number by clicking on your card

  • Rename card allows you to give your card some distinguishing names

  • Fund wallet to fund your global wallet which powers all your Deel Cards (more here)

  • Defund wallet by clicking on the withdraw button and choosing the amount you would like to send back to your Deel balance

  • View full transaction history to keep track of all your transactions

  • Freeze card temporarily blocks your card - you can unfreeze the card at any time

  • Terminate card permanently blocks your card - there is no reversal from this option, so please be sure before confirming this action

  • Order another card to place another card order

The video below takes you through all the steps described above to help you manage your Deel card.

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