Where can I find my Deel Card information?

We have a dedicated section for the Deel Card - you can access it through the Deel Card tab.

How do I fund my Deel Card?

You can fund your card wallet and spend that balance either through your Physical or Virtual card.

This is only done once and we kept it simple - as long as your card wallet has funds, you can use both cards directly from that balance (instead of funding each card individually).

Please note that funding the card is only possible via Deel Balance - if you want to fund the card with funds from outside your Deel Balance, it won't be possible. The maximum funding limit we allow on the card is 17.500USD.

Here's how fund your card wallet:

  • Click on the "Fund wallet" button located on the right of your virtual card.

  • You will be asked the exact amount you would like to transfer from your Deel balance into your card

  • Once you've confirmed, it will automatically convert it into USD and the balance will be immediately available.

You can defund it any time back to your Deel balance - the process is very similar to funding.

Please note that the Deel Card global wallet can only hold USD and we will convert your non-USD balance to USD at the point of funding the card.

The video below walks you through the simple steps of funding your Deel Card.

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