NetSuite is an accounting and business management software service that makes enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) simple for companies.

Deel offers its clients the chance to integrate NetSuite as part of their system. This integration automatically syncs all Deel invoices, by creating a vendor bill on your NetSuite account when an invoice is paid.

Furthermore, all past paid invoices will be synced after your initial integration of NetSuite.

First, navigate to your Deel Dashboard and click on the "Team Settings" tab.

You can then click the "Integrations" options on the top of your page.

Click on "Add an Integration", you will be able to choose from the available options, Select "NetSuite"

You will be required to plug in your account details which can be found on your NetSuite account.

Once you've filled in your details press "confirm".

Below is a video that guides you through all the steps- From setting up your NetSuite account to integrating it into your Deel Dashboard!

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