With Deel, creating a full-time employee contract is easy

First, you’ll need to create the contract

Simply, go to your dashboard and click Create new contract, then select Full Time Employee.

Here you'll be asked to fill out information about the employee, including their name, email address, nationality, country of residence and any visa requirements. Anything marked as 'optional' means you can add it later.

Next, you'll input the seniority level, job title and scope of work. You can used one of our ready to go templates or write your own.

After this the next step is defining the compensation package for the employee. You can input the gross annual base salary, include a signing bonus, add variable compensation as well as define things such as whether the employee is full time or part time, how many holiday days they will receive, probation period and more.

You can add additional benefits if you like, such as making a stock option offer or providing an allowance towards optional, private healthcare packages if they are available in that country, then click Request A Quote.

Last, review everything and request a quote!

You can still make some final edits here by clicking the Edit button on any of the contract details cards.. Once finished, click "get a quote," and we'll review your request. Within 24 hours, we'll get back to you with pricing and a contract. It's that easy!

The next step will be for you to review the quote and sign the EOR contract

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