With Deel, creating a full-time employee contract is easy:

First, you’ll need to create the contract

Simply, go to your dashboard and click “Create new contract”, then select Full Time Employee

Second, you'll need to fill out all the necessary employee information:

  • Name

  • Address*

  • Email address*

  • Nationality

  • ID identification number*

  • Country of employment

  • Visa requirement if applicable

*If you don't have their address, ID information, or email address yet, don't worry. That's fine!

You'll be able to fill these in later.

After that, we'll need to add details about the work the employee will be doing:

  • What type of hire are they? Will they be managing other employees? This type of information is essential since some countries have different requirements based on the types of hire.

  • What's their job title going to be?

  • What are the details for the scope of work? We have pre-filled SOWs that you can use and edit.

Almost done! we will next gather compensation, schedule and other

  • Monthly Gross salary, which will be subject to employer taxes

  • Start date

  • Employment type: Full time or Part time

  • Working and holidays schedule*

  • Contract term: will this be an open ended contract?*

  • Probation period if applicable*

*By default, the last three selections will be set as standard, meaning it's the country's common practice. You can edit these at contract creation, and we'll review them to make sure your edits are compliant with the local labor laws.

Last, review everything and request a quote!

You can still make some final edits here. Once finished, click "get a quote," and we'll review your request. Within 24 hours, we'll get back to you with pricing and a contract. It's that easy!

Congrats! You're all set and can now hire a full-time employee!

The next step will be for you to review the quote and sign the EOR contract

Oh, and if you don't feel like reading, we've made this video as well!

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