With Deel, you can also hire full-time employees in 150 different countries.

When you choose to hire a full-time employee, we assume the role of their Employer of Record (EOR)

By using this hiring method, the employee's offered all mandatory and statutory benefits in a specific country. Additional services like company payroll and taxes are taken care of by Deel.

We use a combination of our entities and partners to cover each country.

To hire a full-time employee on Deel, you'll need to create a full-time employment contract.

Here is a helpful article on how to quickly generate a full-time employment contract. Once you reach the last step in the article, you'll be able to review your quote and agreement.

After that, you can check everything over and sign the Master Service Agreement.

Once you sign, we will countersign and then effortlessly onboard your employee.

You will receive a notification once the onboarding process is complete.

The last action item you'll need to complete is to pay the deposit fee.

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