Organizations often manage their user identities in a central location, so that they can access various services using the same user base, a process known as single-sign-On (SSO). Okta is one of the common SSO platforms organizations use today, and this tutorial will show you how to configure your Okta to sign in to your Deel account.

To sign in to Deel using your company's Okta, you must have:

  • An existing Okta account

  • An admin-level role on the Deel account

  • A Deel Custom Domain

Step 1: Add Deel as an application on your Okta account

  1. Add Deel to your Okta account by clicking the Applications page, and then click 'Add Application':

2. Type in 'Deel' on the search bar, then select it. Click the 'Add' button, then click 'Done' to successfully add 'Deel' as an application on your Okta account:

3. Click the 'Sign On' tab, and locate the 'Client ID', 'Client Secret' and your Okta Domain.

4. To find your Okta domain, look on the upper-right corner of the dashboard, next to your username:

Your Okta domain should look like:




    Step 2: Configure Okta SSO on your Deel Custom Domain

  1. To use Okta, you will need to have a 'Deel Custom Domain' and get that set up first.

  2. Open a new window and get ready to set up SSO in your Deel account. Sign in to your Deel Client account, select a team that has a custom domain setup, click Team settings, then click the Customize.

  3. Click the Edit icon on your custom domain:

then toggle on Okta Single Sign-on:

  1. From your Okta account, copy your Okta Domain, Client ID & Client Secret code and paste the information on the individual fields on the custom domain Deel page.

  1. Once Okta Domain, Client ID & Client Secret code are filled, click Confirm Changes & Redeploy.

Can I click on Deel application icon on Okta to login?

No, we don't support IdP-Initiated authentication flow right now, we support SP-Initiated authentication flow.

Take a look at this video tutorial.

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