We’ve made staying compliant with GDPR and privacy laws around the world even more effortless. Deel now allows you to easily tailor a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) based on your needs.

Here's how to create a DPA with a contractor through Deel:

  1. Log into Deel and head to the Contracts Tab

  2. Click on an active Fixed/Pay as you Go/Milestone Contract

  3. Open the Compliance Documents tab and click on "Create"

4. Answer questions to tailor the DPA to your needs

5. Review and sign the agreement, then the DPA will be ready to sign on the contractor's side. You will be notified by email once the DPA contract is active.

Note: You can save your DPA answers for the future, simply make sure that the "Save" option is toggled to be set as active on your last step:

If you would like to learn more about DPA and GDPR, please visit our blog post.

And if you have any further questions contact us via our live chat 😎

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