Here you will find all the information relating to the employee onboarding at Deel.

Once your company has signed the Master Service Agreement ("MSA") with Deel, we begin with the Employee Onboarding Process. Your Employment Agreement ("EA") is between you and Deel. Deel acts as an intermediary between you, the employee, and the company you're working for.

Document Preparation

We will prepare the Employee Agreement ("EA") based on the information available in the Scope of Work ("SOW") document the company you're working for has provided.

Onboarding Email

We will send an onboarding email where we'll ask you to provide all required information in a set of onboarding forms, you'll also be informed about pay cycles, payslips, time off, among a few other things depending on the country where you are working.

Onboarding documentation

After receiving the email, you will be invited to our employee platform, where compliance documents will be required.

Sign your Employee Agreement

The Employee Agreement is then sent to you for signature in our platform. Shortly we will add a new feature that will allow your company to see the onboarding progress tracker.

Health Insurance and Benefits

For countries with health Insurance and other available benefits, we will invite you to enroll, you should receive an invite that will provide further instructions.

Salary Payments

You will receive your salary directly into your bank account at each pay cycle. You'll have the opportunity to select the bank account where you would like to withdraw the money during the onboarding process. If you decide to change it later on, that's fine, contact us over support chat.

Managing additional payments, such as commissions, expense reimbursements, bonuses, etc.

Until available through the Deel product, you will have to ask the company you are working for to make those adjustments, which will have to be approved by the company. Expense reimbursements are generally tax-free, be sure to save your receipts!

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