You can hire internationally using Deel EOR without needing to interact with the Deel team, but we are always on hand to help. This guide explains our product and process from requesting a quote to making a hire.

Obtaining an Employment Quote

First of, you will need to request a quote. The quote considers employer costs which include contractual mandatory benefits, taxes or any other fees the local government may require from the employer to pay for when hiring an employee in a particular country.

The total employer cost will vary according to the employment country, and precise state, province and of course the employee salary. For example in Canada, the employer cost will cover Canada Pension Plan, Employment Health Tax, Parental Health Benefit and Workers Compensation Insurance.

For details on the quote process which is used to determine employer costs check out this article.

Once your quote is returned, review the completed quote, complete any missing information, and edit if needed. If you make any edits to the quote, it will prompt another quote request in order to update the requested details. Make sure to re-hit get a quote

Review & Sign the MSA & SOW

The Master Services Agreement ("MSA") and the Scope of Work ("SOW") documents will be made available once you have reviewed the quote. Once available, you can proceed to sign the agreement on platform. This will finalise the agreement on Deel, and prompt the Deposit payment and start the Employee Onboarding.

See more about the MSA and SOW here.

Paying the Deposit and First Payment

Once you have signed the Agreements on the Deel platform, the first invoice will be available, and you will be asked to make payment. From within Deel you will see an overview of the deposit and first payment breakdown, and you will be able to pay using existing or new payment method. Check out this article on payment methods here.

Employee Onboarding

Once the MSA is signed, we begin the Employee Onboarding Process. Deel will send the EA to the employee.

Once the EA is ready for signature, we will send it to the employee via the employee app, for signature. At the same time, you receive the status of the process by email. Asynchronously, we will contact the employee and ask them to upload all required onboarding documentation. Once you pay the deposit, we countersign the EA.

In countries where medical insurance is available, for example the US and Canada, the employee will receive an email invitation to begin the health insurance enrolment process.

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