Provider Fees for Invoice Payments

Here is a list of the provider fees that will be applied to your invoice payment depending on what method you select (subject to change with our available processors):

Credit/Debit Card (for USD, GBP, and EUR payments only): $0.30 USD and 2.9%

Direct Debit:

  • ACH (for USD payments in the US only): $5 USD

  • PAD (for CAD payments in Canada only): $10 CAD

  • BACS (for GBP payments in the UK only): $5 USD

  • SEPA (for EUR payments in SEPA countries only): $5 USD

Bank Transfer (multiple currencies via wire): $5 USD

Mercury (existing Mercury account holders): equivalent of $5 USD

Wise (existing Wise account holders): equivalent of $5 USD

Currency Exchange Fees and Rates

Additional exchange fees will only be applied if you are paying your invoice in a different currency than the contract currency.

Exchange rates fluctuate over time. Note that since international payments can take a few days to process depending on the payment method, a foreign exchange spread will be applied to the current mid-market rate to make up for these fluctuations in market exchange rates. This will ensure that we receive sufficient funds to pay out your contractors and/or employees.

For a deeper dive into understanding how exchange rates are determined, please see this article on "Exchange Rates for Clients".

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