If you're a contractor you will have to create a contractor account - this will allow you to access and sign contracts and withdraw your client payments.

Where to start?

When a client creates and shares a contract with a contractor, the contract can only be accessed and signed through the Deel platform.

To create your Deel Contractor account you can either follow the link on the contract email or go directly to our sign-up page.

One way or the other, here is the process you need to follow:

  • Visit our sign-up page

  • Select As a contractor and click on Continue

Sign up process starts here where we will ask you to fill in some basic details:

  • Your full name

  • Your email address (your personal email)

  • Ask you to create a password

  • How did you hear about Deel (optional)

Now that the account is created, you will need to verify your email to continue with the registration process.

You should verify your email by clicking on the link we sent you via email - if you can't find this email on your inbox, make sure to check your Promotion/Spam folders.

Once the email is verified, it is time to provide your personal details.

You're doing great - just a couple more details and you're ready to access your Deel account!

In order to sign the contract with the right personal details, you will need to update your profile information.

This will be done once and applicable to all contracts issued to you via Deel - this can be changed at a later stage should your personal details change (such as legal name, government issued documents, etc..)

You can choose between Individual or Entity (acting as a legal entity).

If you choose Entity, you will need to fill in company information first, then personal information.

We have created an easy visual with the required information:

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