Here you will find frequently asked questions, and other detailed information relating to our Employer of Record ("EOR") the Master Services Agreement ("MSA") and the Scope of Work ("SOW") documents.

What is a Master Service Agreement ("MSA")?

A Master Service Agreement is a contracting agreement between Deel and our Client, it establishes a series of conditions or terms that will be common to all future hires and transactions based on a legal framework it sets fourth.

What is a Scope of Work ("SOW")?

The Scope Of Work is document that is made between Deel and our Client, which details the work that is to be carried out by the Employee. It is the outline that defines all the information related to who, what, when, where, and how.

Can I sign a single MSA for multiple regions (Multiple EORs)?

An MSA will need to be signed for each of Deel's EOR partners. For example, if you are hiring 10 employees in Canada, then only one MSA is needed, but 10 SOWs or exhibits will be added and signed. If you are hiring 2 employees, 1 in Canada, and 1 in Italy. Then 2 MSA's will need to be signed, one with Deel, and one with Deel's partner in Italy.

What is having "Exclusivity"?

Exclusivity is for clients who give the Deel Group an exclusive right to provide them with our services, in exchange for exclusivity Deel's management fee for the first employee for the first year is zero.

Can I make adjustments to the MSA?

Adjustments are subject to our legal counsels discretion. Let us know what specific information you want to change in the documents. And we'll consider the amendment. We strongly recommend these changes are done before the contract has been signed by either Customer or Deel, post signing amendments are tricky, and often refused.

Review and Sign the MSA & SOW

Once you have reviewed the EOR quote, and received the MSA and SOW documentation, you can proceed to sign the documents on the Deel platform. This will finalize the engagement, and prompt the Deposit and Employee Onboarding.

Intellectual Property Protection

Deel assigns all IP created under the employee agreement to itself and then assigns that IP to the client in the MSA.

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