If you are working in the UK, when you change jobs, your tax code may be changed by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) tax authority. This page serves as a guide to understand how UK tax codes work.

Your tax code is used by your employer to work out how much Income Tax to take from your pay. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will tell Deel which code to use to collect the right tax.

Update your information in HMRC

While doing your onboarding with Deel, you will receive information to fill the HMRC Starter Checklist. You can also do it here. Once done, your tax code will change.

If you miss this step, by default you will be assigned the Emergency Tax Code and will have to update your details in the HMRC Starter Checklist.

What happens when my tax code changes?

You will receive an email or letter from HMRC with the tax code change. HRMC will also let us know.

Depending on the date the information is sent to Deel, your next payslip should show:

  • The new tax code.

  • Adjustments to your pay if the amount paid before was wrong.

If you are not sure about your tax code, you can always contact HMRC through the check your Income Tax service.

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