Understand the CEST

If you are working in the UK as an independent contractor, you will need check your employment status using the CEST - Check Employment Status of Tax tool.

The tool is used to determine if your work should be classified as employment or self-employment for tax and national contributions purposes.

Who can use the CEST?

Anyone who needs to understand employment status for tax and NIC purposes - employers, hirers, or workers :

  • You're an organisation and you are hiring a worker

  • You're a worker providing a service

  • You're an agency and you're placing a worker through an intermediary. An intermediary can be the worker's own limited company, a personal service company, or an independent contractor.

How to fill in the CEST?

  1. Head to the CEST website here and click on "Accept and continue" to start filling the form.

  2. Answer the questions as shown on the screen - It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the form.

  3. Once completed you will be offered to get a copy of your results and you are able to download these results in a PDF document.

  4. Upload the document to the Deel platform under Compliance Documents.

Deel can not assist or advise you on how to answer the questions, but the contract with your client may be referenced to answer any question you are unsure of.

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