One of the most popular protocols for management of users across multiple applications is called System for Cross-domain Identity Management, or SCIM for short. It allows your IT or Service Ops teams to seamlessly provision (add), de-provision (deactivate), and update user data across your enterprise applications at once, saving you time and ensuring the highest security standards.

To get going, you'll need to be a Deel admin, and work closely with the manager of your organization's Okta account.

SCIM capabilities supported by Deel

  • Create users

  • Update user attributes

  • Deactivate users

Please note that our capabilities support provisioning for Deel client users who manage your organisation's Deel account.

Configuration Steps

Step 1

Go to your Okta admin page and change to the classic UI by navigating to the Developer Console

Then click on "Applications" and find the Deel app:

Step 2: Navigate to "Provisioning" tab

Once you're on the Deel app, you'll have to navigate to the provisioning tab as you can see in these screenshots.

Click on the "Configure API Integration" button.

Step 3: Go to your Deel account, and to the security section, to retrieve provisioning token

You need to navigate to Account Settings > Security > Open ID connect Single Sign-on and enable Single Sign-on.

Navigate to, and click the 'How to guide' in the bottom-right of the screen. Click on 'Generate Admin Token' to generate the details needed to be inputted back into Okta.

Step 4: Input SCIM URL and API token from Deel into Okta to enable provisioning

Once you've done this, please click save.

Step 5: Configuring the app

Navigate to the 'Provisioning tab and click 'To App' and then click 'Edit' to enable the functionality you require with Deel.

Check each box that applies to Deel's supported provisioning functionality:

  • Create Users

  • Update User Attributes

  • Deactivate Users

Click save.

Step 6: Set the Application username format to email.

First, navigating to the 'Sign On' tab and clicking 'Edit'

Then please ensure you select 'Email' for the 'Application username format' option and hit save.

Step 7: Create a group for each user-type you need in Deel

Create groups for each user type you would like to support. We have 3 user types: 'freelance' , 'employee' and 'manager' .

Then add each created group to the Deel application.

And finally, assign the user-type to the group. This is either

  • 'freelance' to enable for contractors

  • 'employee' to enable the app for employees, or,

  • 'manager' for Deel client administrators

Please note that you must use the exact wording for the user type in order for provisioning to function.


Am I able to update user attributes like user type, user name and email?

We do not support this functionality so you will need to contact support in order for us to do this for you.

If you have any issue with the configuration, please do not hesitate to contact Deel support.

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