With Deel’s company structure options you now have the ability to add the legal entities associated with your organisation. This will allow you to correctly attribute revenue for each account.

An organization is the name that is used to describe the whole company. It represents a group of people who work in teams and are employed by the same legal entities.

A legal entity represents a company that is officially registered in the respective authority of each country.

  • An organisation has many legal entities and many teams.

  • A legal entity belongs to one organisation but can have many teams within it.

  • Legal entities and teams are not related.

  • All your contracts will be associated with the organisations and its legal entities. The company details can be found under each entity.

You can manage your legal entities in the Account settings tab from the Deel dashboard.

How to delete an entity?

Go to your dashboard and click “Account Settings” at the lower left corner. Click “view details” of the entity you want to remove and click “delete”.

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