Sometimes things change when it comes employee contracts. So whether it is promoting someone to a new role and salary band, increasing their holiday days or more, you can do this entirely on the Deel platform. Here's how:

  • Head to the Contracts tab and click on the contract you want to adjust.

  • At the top right, go to Contract details.

  • Below, you can see an amendments card. Click Request Amendment.

  • You will see an overview of the amendment process along with the estimated lead time of 3 days. If you're happy to continue, click Request Amendment.

  • Here, you'll be able to see the contract details you can request to change. To change an item, click on the Edit button on the top right hand corner of the card, make the adjustment and then click Save.

  • You can make multiple amendments at once and view them all on the right hand side of the page.

  • When you're ready to submit your amendment request, click Send Amendment Request and confirm Yes, Send Request.

  • This request will now be sent to our EOR team to review and ensure the request can be facilitated compliantly.

  • Once they have reviewed, you will be issued a contract addendum to sign.

  • When you have signed this, the employee will receive a counterpart document to sign.

  • Deel will then countersign both documents and the amendment will be active on the designated date,

You can track the progress of the request at any point by heading to the employee's contract page and reviewing the Amendments card.

Please note, some changes may require an increase in deposit such as increasing the employee's salary or increasing the number of holiday days they will receive. In these situations, a member of the Deel team will reach out to explain the required next steps.

Why has my amendment been rejected?

Deel ensures that all requested amendments are fully compliant. If your amendment has been rejected, this may be because it not possible because it is not legally compliant. To discuss this further, reach out to your Deel point of contact.

I can't see an amendment for the contract detail I'd like to change. What should I do?

If you can't see where you can make the change yourself, reach out to your Deel point of contact.

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