Deel Clients have many payment methods available to settle their invoices.

While Direct Debit is the most convenient and recommended method, some clients may need to send international bank transfers, which are facilitated via the SWIFT network.

When paying with International Bank Transfer via SWIFT, the appropriate Deel bank account details and the total payment amount to be sent will be displayed in the workflow.

To pay the Deel invoice via International Bank Transfer, you will need to send a wire from your own banking portal. When sending the wire payment, please ensure that you:

  1. Add the Deel Reference as the Payment Reference/ Message to the Beneficiary when wiring the funds. This allows us to identify your payment quickly and accurately.

  2. Set Details of Charges/ Fees paid by (also known as SWIFT Field 71A) to OUR, which means that the sending party covers all transfer charges, including any intermediary bank fees. This ensures that Deel will receive the complete amount to settle the invoice so that the payments can be released to your contractors on time.

    • BEN and SHA options should not be selected when paying Deel

  3. Once you finish sending the payment from your banking portal, go back to the Deel platform and press I have paid to confirm the transfer is on the way.

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