When initiating an international bank transfer via SWIFT, you have the option to specify how any transfer-related fees should be handled. Most banks will charge a transfer fee to send a wire. Your sending bank may also need to route the payment through other banks to complete the payment, called intermediary or correspondent banks. These banks will often also deduct a fee from the amount before it reaches the final recipient. The total amount of these fees depends on your bank and intermediary/correspondent banks involved in processing the payment.

When paying Deel invoices via international bank transfer, you must cover any transfer fees incurred, including intermediary bank fees. This will guarantee that we receive your payment in full and that your contractors are paid on time. Field 71A (Details of Charges) on the form provided by your bank determines who will pay the transfer fees.

You should always select "OUR" when sending an international wire to Deel to avoid additional fees being deducted by intermediary banks. This ensures Deel receives the full amount and can settle your payment immediately.

Here is what each option means:

  • OUR: The transfer fees are fully covered by the sender. The transferred amount is expected to be delivered in full to the beneficiary. Payments to Deel must be made with OUR instructions.

  • BEN: The transfer fees are fully covered by the beneficiary of the funds. Any fees will be deducted from the amount that is transferred. The beneficiary receives the transferred amount net of all fees.

  • SHA: The transfer fees are shared. Any fees charged by the sending bank are covered by the sender. Any fees charged later by intermediary/correspondent banks are deducted. The beneficiary receives the transferred amount net of any intermediary bank fees.

When in doubt, please check with your bank directly to make sure that the beneficiary will not be charged for any transfer related fees so that your contractors can paid out in time.

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