Deel is introducing United Healthcare for full-time employees in the United States. This will give them access to the United States’ largest network of medical healthcare providers in the country.

Which plan does Deel offer?

As a full-time employee, you will have access to a PPO plan (Preferred Provider Organization) which has both preferred and non-preferred providers under the plan.

Note: Preferred providers are considered “in-network,” while non-preferred providers are considered “out-of-network.”

How much do I pay for the insurance through Deel?

This plan is designed to provide 100% coverage to the employee if they choose to enroll as an individual. The exact monthly cost, per employee who chooses to enroll per month, is $599.48, inclusive of a flat, per employee $30 administrative fee.

The employees have the option to add dependents that would be entirely covered by the employee.

How do employees enroll in coverage?

Deel is partnering with Zenefits, a cutting-edge benefits platform where they will be able to enroll in their benefits online 24/7 during their open enrollment or life event periods. This enrollment will be open to employees at the end of November, and they will receive an email prompting them to complete enrollment.

How do employees find out if my doctor is preferred (in or out-of-network) or not?

Go to> Employer Plans> Select Plus Network from the drop-down menu to search for doctors and see if their doctor is considered in or out of network.

May employee dependents be covered under the Medical, Dental, and Vision plans?

Yes. Employees can cover any legal dependents under these plans. Note that the plan offered by Deel doesn’t provide employer coverage for dependents.

May employees enroll in Deel benefits at any time?

No, under IRS guidelines, they can enroll in benefits during the annual Open Enrollment period, or during a qualified life event period (QLE - situations like marriage, birth, adoption, or divorce). Open Enrollment is the only time of year the employees are allowed to enroll or make changes to their benefits without a qualifying life event.

Note: The employees must request and complete changes related to the QLE within 30 days of the event date. Here’s the link to the IRS guidelines on qualifying life events:

What if the employee has current insurance coverage, can they enroll in Deel benefits?

Yes. The employees are allowed to enroll in Deel’s benefits during Open Enrollment, but unless they have a qualifying life event, they will not be able to enroll in Deel’s benefits again until next year’s open enrollment. Also, depending on where their other coverage is through, their eligibility for their other coverage might change if they are offered coverage through Deel.

We recommend consulting their other health plan’s rules prior to enrolling in or declining coverage through Deel.

How will employees terminate their current medical plans?

Depending on the type of plan they enrolled with under Savvy, they will follow the process that Savvy outlines here. For any specific questions about terminating the plans, the employees can reach out to Savvy directly at

Can employees have more than one health insurance plan at a time?

Yes. If they are enrolled in more than one health plan at a time, they should provide both plan information or insurance cards when accessing care or seeing a doctor. The insurance companies will do what is called "coordination of benefits" to find out which plan is primary and how much each plan will pay.

If an employee leaves Deel, can they take this coverage with me?

If they leave Deel, they will be eligible for Deel coverage through COBRA. They must elect COBRA coverage within the COBRA timeline which will be provided on their COBRA offer of coverage. They can continue the coverage through Deel on the COBRA plan.

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